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I've been a loyal wiki member for almost 3 months, and throughout my time here I have seen many guru's of the 40k universe. here's who in my eyes specialises in each field...

Vforvendetta - Lord of the Mechanicus (in the Counicl of Terra he is the Fabricator general of Mars)

Shas' O Kias - lord general of the Fire Cast (no part in Council of Terra, but leader of Tau Empire)

Algrim Whitefang - Lord Commander Solar (militant leader of Council of Terra)

Montonius - Inquisitor (inquisitorial member of Council of Terra, and thus most powerful man there)

Krannski - Fabricator General of Terra (the only other place I could think of, sorry mate) suspitiously the only techpriest that invents new technology

Registered Contributor - Scribe (hes got allot of work done on Horus Heresy)

Sereno Black Heart - Daemon Prince

Al'sorath - Representative of the Ordo Malleus (High Lord of Terra) never gives the full story, only snipets at a time

Please add more Users to the list...

FIre Drake

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