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  • Hereticalthoughts

    Right, we've all seen this happen, I've had posts deleted or edited by staff members for it, along with some others like T42 on the 1d4chan topic, and I'm fairly certain there's been a lot of other people here who think it's a tad silly that "foul language" is apparently such a big nono here.

    So, why do I and some other people believe that it's frankly somewhat foolish and hypocrital to be so uptight about cursing or swearing on 40k wiki?

    Well, it's simple really. This is a universe that features genocide (entire planets full of people wiped out), xenoside (entire species wiped out), torture (Daemoncubala anyone?), slavery, fantastic racism, governmental oppression, wars in which billions if not trillions of people die in battle, chain weapo…

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  • Hereticalthoughts

    Woot woot in the boot, that is all.

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