Right, we've all seen this happen, I've had posts deleted or edited by staff members for it, along with some others like T42 on the 1d4chan topic, and I'm fairly certain there's been a lot of other people here who think it's a tad silly that "foul language" is apparently such a big nono here.

So, why do I and some other people believe that it's frankly somewhat foolish and hypocrital to be so uptight about cursing or swearing on 40k wiki?

Well, it's simple really. This is a universe that features genocide (entire planets full of people wiped out), xenoside (entire species wiped out), torture (Daemoncubala anyone?), slavery, fantastic racism, governmental oppression, wars in which billions if not trillions of people die in battle, chain weapons, guns that shoot explosive rounds, flamers that burn people alive, plasma weapons wielded by soulless zombie robot Egyptians that will pretty much flay you at the subatomic level, brainwashing, blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne, a literal god of debauchery and hedonism, and so much more that this wiki which these staff run... bans the usage of the F-word, the D-word, the A-word, and other assorted words that may be labeled "offensive" to read.

Now, I'm no great thinker and I'm not the greatest debator here, but don't you think that such a ban is a little... well... dumb? Along with being just a tad hypocritical? I get what the staff's trying to do, I think. From what I believe, I think they're trying to make it a space where people don't get their knickers in a twist because some heathen said a naughty word, but I just don't really see how they can see this as a logical course of action. People should kind of know what they're getting into when they visit a wiki that features what I've placed above and more, if they're offended by what some guy says on the internet because it contained "naughty" words, then that's their problem.

I suppose I can understand cracking down on swearing if all you're doing is swearing, but when people swear to make a point or get their feelings or sentiments across, only to be banned because "bad words lel" it just tastes a bit sour.

I dunno, maybe a staff member can explain this to me or justify it, but as it stands it just seems like a rule that doesn't make any logical sense.

INB4 blog deleted.


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