Personally, I love the Warhammer 40k computer games. I havent expanded into the tabletop scene because I know myself and my budget and don't want to be dead broke real quick.

So here is my blog.

For expansion into computer games, what did you like about the games, and what didn't you like, and what would you like to see?

Personally, I like the RTS elements of having to build squads and take certain victory points. I also liked how they expanded that so that you had one primary character whose gear you could upgrade. In Dawn of war 2, I enjoyed the branching into controlling limited squads, but enough is enough and I appreciate the return to RTS elements.

In Space Marine I loved commanding one of the Emperors Angels of Death and fighting against the Orks and the forces of Chaos.

What I would like to see in the future of Warhammer 40k games is an expansion into both categories, like a proper general you can command what you wish your forces to do, then you take control of the general, tell a couple of squads to follow you, and then take yourself into the fray.

What do you guys think?

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