In Prospero Burns we are told that each Primarch was created with a specific goal in mind. Admittedly, I haven't read all the books yet, but I was wondering if we had a clear definition of each role the Emperor intended for the Primarchs, here are a list of those we know, and those I suspect, as well as the rest of the known primarchs to keep it orderly

  • Legion 1: Lion El'Jonson
  • Legion 2: Missing Primarch
  • Legion 3: Fulgrim
  • Legion 4: Perturabo
  • Legion 5: Jaghatai Khan
  • Legion 6: Leman Russ - Executioner (Confirmed, Prospero Burns)
  • Legion 7: Rogal Dorn - Defense expert (Suspected, various sources)
  • Legion 8: Konrad Curze - Fear Bringer (Confirmed? Dark King and Lightning Tower)
  • Legion 9: Sanguinius - Heir (Suspected, Prospero Burns)
  • Legion 10: Ferrus Manus
  • Legion 11: Missing Primarch
  • Legion 12: Angron - Pure shock troops (Suspected, various sources)
  • Legion 13: Roboute Guilliman - Military governer (Suspected, Know no Fear)
  • Legion 14: Mortarion
  • Legion 15: Magnus the Red - Sorcerors (Confirmed. Outcast Dead, Prospero Burns, Thousand Sons)
  • Legion 16: Horus Lupercal - War Leader (Confirmed, Prospero Burns)
  • Legion 17: Lorgar
  • Legion 18: Vulkan
  • Legion 19: Corvus Corax - Master Guerilla Warfare tactician (Suspected, Deliverance Lost)
  • Legion 20: Alpharius Omegon - Espionage (Suspected, Deliverance Lost)

Anything from the information I am missing?

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