aka Juan Diego Vasquez

  • I live in Tegucigalpa
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is Master Sargent
  • I am Hombre
  • Jdwarboss

    The Bolters bullets stuck in the ground, returned fire to his enemies, the legions of space marines can't against the fire of chaos, the night Lords end with 2 regiments of the imperial guard they are stationed on the planet Drask, the legions of space marines: Legion of death and the Novamarines cannot against the invasion of chaos.
    Chaos attacks without mercy stoppage by the bloody Lord of chaos Claudius Gables, a great warrior in his time, during his forays into the systems close to the eye of terror has earned a vile reputation for their major genocides in Némesis Tessera and Prosan. During his years of service to the emperor was put to test countless times, but after the great Civil war in which was enveloped humanity 10,000 years ago,…

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  • Jdwarboss

    May the Emperor Help us¡

    February 20, 2012 by Jdwarboss

    Priority Level: Code Red, moderate threat. Immediate intervention. Transmitted: Planet Helix High Command, Governor Clyde Markus, planetary Force Delta, Helix, Algolis System. To: Terra Imperial Guard, Fast Attack Force, Date: 9.197.221.m41. Transmit: Astropath second Raynor Receives: Astropath-Terminus Gunlet. Author: Markus Governor Clyde Thought for the Day: Success is measured in blood, be yours or your enemy.

    Message: Greetings My Lord For the Emperor live and die by it, the reason for this message is that we are being attacked by the legions of Chaos: Abaddon's Black Legion on the dark side of our planet and we are receiving strong planetary attack by the Brotherhood of Steel. We need reinforcements IMMEDIATE intervention of the imperial g…

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  • Jdwarboss

    Warp Gate

    February 14, 2012 by Jdwarboss

    To get to understand people of Cadia and their way of life, it is necessary return after ten thousand years to a period of war and death known as the line Horus. The Emperor and his progiene, the primarcas, fought shoulder to shoulder and built a Kingdom between the star in a time of heroes. Each legion lwas leadership by a primarch consisting of the best soldiers of the Emperor, genetically altered men known as Space Marines. These warriors fought countless battles to free up the space of the presence alien, chaos and all kinds of dangers. Each of the primarcas was a superhumano, a God among men, but, like these, they were prone to suffer from jealousy, amarguar and vanity. And this was what happened to the Lord of war Horus, the favorite…

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