Night Lords
The Bolters bullets stuck in the ground, returned fire to his enemies, the legions of space marines can't against the fire of chaos, the night Lords end with 2 regiments of the imperial guard they are stationed on the planet Drask, the legions of space marines: Legion of death and the Novamarines cannot against the invasion of chaos.
Chaos attacks without mercy stoppage by the bloody Lord of chaos Claudius Gables, a great warrior in his time, during his forays into the systems close to the eye of terror has earned a vile reputation for their major genocides in Némesis Tessera and Prosan. During his years of service to the emperor was put to test countless times, but after the great Civil war in which was enveloped humanity 10,000 years ago, became a warrior of yore servant to the gods of chaos, a traitor to their brothers in battle, but a great servant for the chaos.
After 2 years of a brutal campaign in the planet Drask, the 924th company of the Legion of death was tight with blood and the 129th company of the Novamarines were wiped out, thus taking the planet Drask under the tutelage of chaos by a twisted world and corrupting all living being.

During its major campaigns of blood was near death when full force attack was almost destroyed when after its conquest in Drask forces of the head of the ork warlord Gurk Dax Hum attacked the forces of chaos, Claudius ordered they retreat to the eye of terror, leaving Drask in the hands of Hum who take it as another award to the Waaagh.
The Lord of chaos Claudius return with their empty hands to the steel planet Brigannion IV or as the sailors call it "the pit of hunger", on this planet there are large concentrations of forces of chaos, Claudius took this as incentive to gather a large army to be able to destroy the Ork slag.

Claudius after an intense regrouping their forces return Drask to take what was chaos, became embroiled in a battle that was on the verge of destroying the entire system, the Orks exceeded them in number but not in cunning and intelligence after 2 months of hunt and kill the brutal Orks, Claudius came to where Hum to confront with the After a long battle could decapitate the beast and thus return to win another award for the chaos.

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