Priority Level: Code Red, moderate threat. Immediate intervention. Transmitted: Planet Helix High Command, Governor Clyde Markus, planetary Force Delta, Helix, Algolis System. To: Terra Imperial Guard, Fast Attack Force, Date: 9.197.221.m41. Transmit: Astropath second Raynor Receives: Astropath-Terminus Gunlet. Author: Markus Governor Clyde Thought for the Day: Success is measured in blood, be yours or your enemy.

Message: Greetings My Lord For the Emperor live and die by it, the reason for this message is that we are being attacked by the legions of Chaos: Abaddon's Black Legion on the dark side of our planet and we are receiving strong planetary attack by the Brotherhood of Steel. We need reinforcements IMMEDIATE intervention of the imperial guard. have taken half of the city most of my subjects are dead, we only have half the army, the 125th of loriar responded to our call but can not provide ground support, single planetary defense, The 5th Company of the Blood Angels replied, but said it would take 3 days to reach longresisitiremos not expect their help in the name Emperdor. Immediate intervention. Incomplete post-Astropath lost.

Governor Clyde Markus

                 [End of Message]

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