aka Jack Harper

  • I live in The Rock AKA The Tower Of Angels
  • I was born on January 26
  • My occupation is Adeptus Astartes
  • I am Male
  • LEONIDAS 666

    Hello fellow 40K gamers.

    I have tried to run several recruitment drives in the correct place with no results.

    This is a recruitment drive far a Warhammer 40K themed Clan on the Video game, Destiny.

    I have a one man opperation by the name of Caliban's Dark Angels.

    It is a Xbox based group.

    I go by the name of AMUNUNRAMA

    so if you are interested try to find me on the right area on Bungi or leave the apropriate details in the comments section.

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  • LEONIDAS 666

    Primarch models

    October 12, 2012 by LEONIDAS 666

    with the release of Angron (befor assention to demonhood) I am asking the question of what primarch models would you like to see in shops.

    Personally i would like Lion el'johnson

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  • LEONIDAS 666

    I have decided to share all the entertaining images of Moddels and Art work.

    Please feel free to comment and add your own Images.

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  • LEONIDAS 666

    Chapter II: Rescue

    Cylus: “Leonidas wake up we have Orks to slay”

    The roar of the Thunder Hawk’s engines woke me from memories of lifetimes past… and Cylus shouting down my ear helped as well.

    The communications system buzzes to life: “ETA TEN MINUTES PREPARE FOR BATTLE MARINES.”

    We had received a distress signal from a squad of Black Templars. The voice was panicked: “ORKS… O...T …BERED…AMMO LOW… HIGH CASUALTIES… KZRKCRZZ”

    Gunfire echoed in the distance. The green tide thickens. Bullets start ricocheting off the Thunder Hawks armour. One round penetrated the hull millimetres away from my head. Leonidas: “Felt some breeze on that one.” Jecht: “Better wear your helmet.” Leonidas: “What are you kidding me wear a helmet.” “PILOT OPEN THE RAMP!” Pilot: “As …

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  • LEONIDAS 666

    I have decided to share part of my book The Unforgiven Arch Angels that is set around sergeant major Leonidas (the god killer)

    Chapter I: Awakened Memories

    Everyone is born my birth was bathed in fire, loss and pain. My family’s ship was attacked by slavers above an unknown world. The ship crashed into an arid wasteland devoid of life. My saviours told me they found me in my mother’s cold dead arms. They trained me to become the greatest warrior the universe had ever seen.

    But they filled my heart with hatred with the concealed truth my mother was not dead when they found me she had placed me in the ships emergency stasis tube and when they broke into the wreckage my mother was shot where she stood. It took them three months to open the stasi…

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