Now onto Chapter Champion Leonidas of the Dark Angels 666th BattleFleet.

This is only a basic backstory the more indeph history is in the book I am writing (The Unforgiven Arch Angels)

Leonidas was born in orbit around terra on a sciance ship now lost to the imperium when the ship was attacked en-rout to a ferral world and thw only survivor was a child only a few weeks old.

the child was raised by slavers and trained in gladiatorial combat.

in later years he thought against his Masters and led a rebellion in one gloreouse battle.

he later became a warrior for the Dark Angels legion of the adeptus astartes.

He swoftly advanced through the ranks during the great crusade and became one of Lion El'johnson's honour guard.

at the fall of caliban he was though to have betrayed the imperium and sided with Luther but that was not the case he was pulled into the warp by a traitor that stabbed his blade through his stomach stomach.

Leonidas returned to our universe on a dead world in the 41st milenium.

it took six months for a rescue to arive but the world was a Necron Tomb World where he slaughterd necron after necron and forged a Battle Axe from their melted down hides.

his rescuer was a Interigator Chaplain called Boreas and after a month of interigation he was allowed a blood oath and go an a deathwatch lead by a grey knight.

he did not let any of his team die or disobey the codex astartes.

he earned his righ to fight for his brothers once again.

he now leads a squad of veterans called the Unforgiven Arch Angels.

His WarGear consists of:

Crusade armour, Iron Halo, Msater Crafted Power Fist, winged Jump pack, Master Crafted Power Axe (Forged from Necrodermis) and a Krak Missile Launcher (Carried by a Follower in the Dark), Vortex grenades.

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