• Lord Eledan

    Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III

    Interview with Philippe Boulle by Wikia and Wikihammer 40k

    • Wikia: The trailer has left many intrigued. In fact, there are several theories on the internet about it. We could regain our sleep if you cleared some of its meaning.
    • Philippe Boulle: [laughter] Well, the trailer is really designed as a sort of surreal mood piece. It’s not a direct link into the story, other than showing that there’s a conflict between the three races, and that it really has reverberations larger than them. It’s sort of that cycle of war and death. We really wanted to play up that theme, and then, in the story, in the campaign, we have an expression of that theme, which is more plot-based. The plot is about a mysterious planet, and an as…

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