Hello folks, this is my first time writing a blog post so I'll try my best.

So, a topic I wanted to discuss with you people that came into my mind I wanted to talk about it. Is Big E really a hero? We all know he is extremely powerful but what I am talking about is his actions and moral decisions. Can we really consider him as the savior of mankind? I mean, yes he united Terra, built an Empire so big that it humbles Palpatine and many more, but what about his other acts? I'm gonna skip the part how he treats his "sons" entirely, as daddy issues are not that important to be a point in here. But consider these facts carefully please:

1- Emps claimed in the Imperial Truth that no matter what, mankind must be atheist (NOT secular, mind you). A part that I personally disagree, BUT I see the logic behind it. However, the thing is that when he signs the Treaty of Mars, he allows the tech priests to worship Omnissiah and him as Ommnisiah's prophet. Fine, they gave him guns and armour so you guys can consider it a good deal. But when Lorgar makes a city in which people practice their faith, Big E just makes Russ (It seems like Girlyman did it, thanks for correcting it folks) destroy it. I'm hearing some folks shouting "But the Word Bearers were wasting time on planets converting people, thus not proceeding according to the plan!". True, but it still is not an excuse to raze a planet entirely for practicing their faiths while granting another free worship, no matter the circumstance. Equality must be a foundation of an Empire, otherwise people are bound to revolt.

2- Angron. Now, how can I even start this? You gave a maniac, implanted with butchers nails, command of an entire space marine legion. Not considering his mental state after what he went through as a gladiator, is this truly wise? This guy is literally rage incarnate and can't even think straight. Sure, he can be a fine warrior, wreak havoc on the front lines but he is no commander.

3-The Imperial Truth. Just check this: 

"- Nothing of such grand scale can be achieved without a singular vision at its heart, least of all the reconquest of the Galaxy."
- "Didn't you just tell me of the bloody slaughters perpetrated by crusaders? Doesn’t that make you no better than the holy men you were telling me about?"
- "You misunderstand, Uriah. I have seen the narrow survival path that is all that stands between humanity and extinction, and this is the way it must begin."
- "It is a dangerous road you travel. To deny humanity a thing will only make them crave it all the more. And if you succeed in this grand vision of yours? What then? Beware that your subjects do not begin to see you as a god."
— Excerpt of the discussion between the Emperor and Uriah Olathaire.

So yeah, Uriah was right.

I'll continue the list but those are what cames to my mind at the moment. Pretty sure I can find more mistakes of Big E however.

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