• I live in The Eternal Darkness of Commorragh
  • My occupation is Haemonculus
  • I am Male (Eldarith Ynneas)
  • MasterofAgony693

    ---General Information--- Character Name: Kreisner Grunmeon

    Inquisitorial Ordo: Ordo Malleus

    Philosophy: Puritan Amalathian

    Demeanor: Primarily Judicar with a slight tendency toward Militant.

    Age: 40

    Homeworld: Krieg

    ---Physical features---

    Hair Color: Black

    Hair Style: Medium length (down to chest)

    Eye Color: Green

    Height: 6'5

    Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)

    Build: Tall and muscular

    Weight: 185 pounds

    ---Character Stats--- Languages: Low Gothic, High Gothic, and some knowledge of daemonic languages.

    Social Skills: Intimidation, secrecy, persuasion, charisma, negotiation.

    Combat Skills: Ranged combat, melee combat, psychic combat, psychological.

    Starting wargear and equipment: Black hooded robe with no insignia, bolt pistol with

    psychically charged bolts, Inqu…

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  • MasterofAgony693

    A few users around here have been inquiring about the Kabal I have painted and use in tabletop games, so I thought I'd post some info on it here.

    Name: Kabal of The Eternal Malice

    Current Archon: Lord Ahrizek Bosheit

    Founded: exact date unknown, 1500-2000 years after the Fall.

    Colors: Black, Dark Green

    Symbol: Monomolecular blade jammed into a (presumably human) brain.

    Size: Around 6,660 Warriors, Scourges, Hellions, various xenos mercenaries, and Mandrakes (Some realspace raids include Wyches and Incubi)

    Although hardly anything is known about this Kabal to Imperial officials. They are one of the most silent Kabals in Commorragh, although many Archons of rival Kabals have found themselves overthrown due to a scheme unleashed by the Kabal. They a…

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