Slaanesh - Protector of the Ghost Womb

Awe, female protector of unborn life

She determine who is to be born.

Whose souls to be collected

from the Cosmic Void.

to Judge who

is to enter

our world.

The Female guardian

of the Ghost Child.

Her Man,

is Reaching

inside the her womb

pointing out, in what direction

of material beauty is to be collected

from the eternal immaterium.

By weaving the flesh

with the fabric of cosmic soul.

a sculpture of life. Living and dreaming.

The person is thus a statement

of a continous orgasm.

This orgasm continues

for as long as we copluate.

to make love, a duty of divine proportions

in love universal life is created.

by extatic combination

of mind and space

We are one

with the


Female Guardian

of the Ghost Child.

I have come to give direction

collect souls from the immaterium.

Hetheru Hotep.

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