Hi guys

I am creating a pre hersey Death guard army at the moment and ia ma stuck what to get next. I was thinking of getting a leader to lead the army, but i dont know what.

This is what i have so far.

  1. I have a captain for a temporary leader.
    • A Razorback with lascacannons
    • scout squad till i get a reconnaissance squad from forge world
    • Support squad with autocannons
    • 10 man tactical squad
    • Mk11 assault squad
    • My captain for the moment till get a leader
  2. 10 man tactical squad.
  3. Support squad with autocannons.
  4. Assault squad.
  5. reconnaissance squad.
  6. Razorback with lasscannons.

If you have any ideas for my army please say and if know what leader i could use that would be great.

Reddevil59415:03, March 31, 2013 (UTC)Reddevil594 (talk)

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