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List of Necron pages that need to be/have been revamped/created. Note that bullet points with links are generally finished pages:

More to come.... eventually....

  • Shield of Baal events addition to notable campaigns.
  • Fluff Stuff
    • Historical Events
    • Necron Dynasty (main page)
      • Atun Dynasty
      • Oroskh Dynasty
      • Maynarkh Dynasty
      • Sautekh Dynasty
      • Charnovokh Dynasty
      • Nekthyst Dynasty
      • Ogdobekdh Dynasty
      • Oruscar Dynasty
      • Nihilakh Dynasty
      • Khansu Dynasty
      • Maynarkh Dynasty
      • Mephrit Dynasty
      • List extension forthcoming...
    • Triarch
    • C'tan
      • Night Bringer (need to find full name later)
      • Deceiver (need to find full name later)
      • Llandu'gor, the Flayer
      • Other C'tan mentioned in passing.... More to come (?)
    • Royal Court (not sure if page needed)
    • Tomb World (main page)
      • Mandragora the Golden
      • Gheden, Planet of Shadow
      • Thanatos and the Celestial Orrery (two separate pages?)
      • Bone Kingdon of Drazak
      • Trantis, the Raider's Moon
      • Sarkon and the Empire of the Severed (Two separate pages?)
      • Zapennec, the Reaveworld
      • Moebius, the Twisted Catacomb
      • Stasis Docks of Seidon
      • Trakonn of Ten Thousand Spires
      • Blood Vats of Zantragora
      • Solemnace
      • Random obscure ones in 5th ed timeline...More to come (?)
  • Cadian Pylon

More to come from Deathwatch/Dark heresy books/Necron Codex (3rd Ed)