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  • Silberstich

    Work schedule

    August 17, 2016 by Silberstich

    Hello fellow Adepts,

    in an attempt to coordinate our efforts I thought it appropriate to post those article I intend to create or expand in near future. The order given might not truly reflect the order in which I will work, but it serves as a head’s-up and a sort of "to do" list.

    • Zhao-Arkhad (TBC) from HHVII - DONE
    • Legio Xestobiax (TBC) from HHVII - DONE
    • Secutarii (TBC) and other Taghmata units of HHVII - DONE
    • create seperate articles for the Knight Houses, locations and events from Andy Clark’s Kingsblade - WORK IN PROGRESS
    • update and expand article on the Promethean Cult
    • Igniax (TBC)
    • Battle of Bodt (TBC) from HHVI
    • Paragon (TBC) homeworld of the Astra Militarium regiments (from Baneblade and Shadowsword, Guy Haley)
    • Manachean War (TBC) from HHIV
    • Orphean War - …
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  • Silberstich

    I’ll be back

    July 5, 2016 by Silberstich

    Hello everyone,

    Although I have gone dark for the previous month I hope to return to the wiki very soon as my job has been very taxing and overly time-consuming over the last weeks. I will focus my efforts on finishing the page on the Orpheus Sector and update the pages connected to it before moving on to create the new articles related to Imperial Armour XIII, the Fall of Orpheus. My will is unbroken!


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