Stryder Vakain

aka Daniel Stryder

  • I live in anywhere the generals order me too
  • My occupation is Imperial Guardsman
  • I am male, I think, the cultists of Slaanesh have done something to me
  • Stryder Vakain

    so I have been thinking of a new planet( and a lot)


    • agricultural
    • grows food and other neccassary supplies for imperium
    • 3 times the landmass of Terra
    • 78 percent covered in water
    • Ocean is 17 miles deep
    • ocean is freshwater with a slight acidic content
    • because of acidic content water causes plants to be tougher, the grass is an example, the grass on halvia is as sharp and can cause bleeding
    • Halvian predators are the Harpy, the gerallon and the Cerebran Hounds, The harpy is a large predatory bird much like a hawk, Gerallons are creatures of the water and attack halvian ships they are about 150 meteres in length and have 4 tentacles with razor sharp talons at the tips. hunting these creatures is a tradition on halvia. then the cerebran hounds larg…
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