Warhammer 40k


Halvia(new possible planet for Imperium)

so I have been thinking of a new planet( and a lot)


  • agricultural
  • grows food and other neccassary supplies for imperium
  • 3 times the landmass of Terra
  • 78 percent covered in water
  • Ocean is 17 miles deep
  • ocean is freshwater with a slight acidic content
  • because of acidic content water causes plants to be tougher, the grass is an example, the grass on halvia is as sharp and can cause bleeding
  • Halvian predators are the Harpy, the gerallon and the Cerebran Hounds, The harpy is a large predatory bird much like a hawk, Gerallons are creatures of the water and attack halvian ships they are about 150 meteres in length and have 4 tentacles with razor sharp talons at the tips. hunting these creatures is a tradition on halvia. then the cerebran hounds large 2 headed dog like animals that stand about 10 feet high and travel in packs.


  • Found by rogue traders in M34.466 was immediatly put under Imperial control, the planet was lost from imperial records in M37 and refound in M38.128
  • in a event known as The Falling a Chaos tainted biomass landed on the planet unknown to many of the inhabitants, the meteor itself helped thin the barrier between the Material Universe and the Immaterium.
  • In M39.851 the Ecclesiarchy wanted to order an Exterminatus on the planet, but the  Lord Governor Varkus  stepped forward and struck a deal with the ecclesiarchy, he would give half of the population of the system( roughly 4.5 billion from 4 worlds) and send them to fight for the Imperial Guard.


  • Halvians excel at Shock troops and Seige infantry but lack severly with light infantry or line infantry.
  • Halvian Artillery is renowned for its accuracy and timing
  • Halvians have a Storm trooper unit known as Commando's operate in no 1-4 man groups

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