Ork Vehicles

Feral Ork Vehicles and Artillery

Light Vehicles

Battle Tanks - Wagons

  • Battlewagon
    • Battlewagon with Lifta Dropper (Main Battlewagon Page)
    • Battlewagon with Supa Kannon (Main Battlewagon Page)
    • Battlewagon with Gob-Smasha (Main Battlewagon Page)
  • Big Trakk
  • Gunwagon
  • Grot Tank
  • Looted Wagon
    • Looted Rhino (Not Final)
    • Looted Leman Russ (Not Final)
    • Looted Leman Russ Demolisher (Main Looted Wagon Page)
    • Looted Chimera (Main Looted Wagon Page)
    • Looted Hellhound (Main Looted Wagon Page)
    • Looted Griffon (Main Looted Wagon Page)
    • Looted Basilisk (Main Looted Wagon Page)
    • Looted Predator Destructor (Main Looted Wagon Page)
    • Looted Predator Annihilator (Main Looted Wagon Page)
    • Looted Land Raider (Main Looted Wagon Page)
  • Mekboy Junka
  • Weirdboy Tower

Heavy and Super-Heavy Tanks / Wagons


Heavy and Super-Heavy Walkers

Beasts of War

Artillery and Static Emplacements

  • Big Gunz
    • Big Gun with Zzap Gun (Main Big Gunz Page)
    • Big Gun with Kannon (Main Big Gunz Page)
    • Big Gun with Lobba (Main Big Gunz Page)

Ork Aircraft

Other Ork Vehicles

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