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  • WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw

    "This category contains all pages related to the most significant and tumultuous historical events in Imperial history experienced by the Imperium of Mankind."

    as the above statement is the description of "Imperial History" i was wondering if any one with a little more salt on this Wiki would help with individual examples.

    1. Fenris: (Home planet of an original Legion of Space Marines + Events involving Primarchs in Post Horus Heresy Events Magnus the Red/The Battle for the Fang (742.M32)

    2. All "Birth Planets" of Space Marine Legions, one way or another?

    3. Bolters (been part of every event in Serious Events)

    thats about it, sorry its a short blog, it felt like it would be larger, but im in the thought that most every one on this Wiki understa…

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  • WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw

    Greetings fellow Warhammer 40K Fans! So I was looking at the Cadain Shock Troopers page when I saw under the additional gear list something to the effect of 2 clips of autopistol ammo.

    So they question lay in Wiki Proper structuring... are we verbatim Copying WH40K print, even with the error of terms?

    to save you from looking up the terms (dont worry, when i was a younger man i did not know my self) A Clip is a metal length that holds rounds in place, a Magazine is a container to feed rounds into a weapon.

    Below are links to Wikipedia ICO my barbaric text, lack of proper english, and blunt terminology just does not convey the information correctly.


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  • WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw

    Greeting fellow fans of WH40K! Today will be the first of many questions that...ahem, forgive my pun... been "nailed" to my mind over the last few years... the big obvious ones. Here is the first (of what I hope is many).

    Forward: I will often refer to "The Emperor" by Sigular idents "HE, HIM, HIS...ext, ext"

    Angron's Butcher's Nails: Why did The Emperor not personally get involved in the removal of the Implant? 

    Its a very simple question, (all the best questions are IMO) that I feel The Emperor could have solved if HE got involved. For Refenerencing purposes i have taken the "Angron's Secret" Paragraphs and brought them to this Blog for easy reference.

    When Angron was teleported away by the Emperor from Nuceria he was examined aboard the Adama…

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