"This category contains all pages related to the most significant and tumultuous historical events in Imperial history experienced by the Imperium of Mankind."

as the above statement is the description of "Imperial History" i was wondering if any one with a little more salt on this Wiki would help with individual examples.

1. Fenris: (Home planet of an original Legion of Space Marines + Events involving Primarchs in Post Horus Heresy Events Magnus the Red/The Battle for the Fang (742.M32)

2. All "Birth Planets" of Space Marine Legions, one way or another?

3. Bolters (been part of every event in Serious Events)

thats about it, sorry its a short blog, it felt like it would be larger, but im in the thought that most every one on this Wiki understands the signifigance of the names of those worlds, so individualy listing them to me seems like a bad idea for my time and every one elses.

Thanks for reading, and any imput or thoughts on this subject!

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