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Syntax Question: Removal of the term "Clip" unless it is referencing a "Clip"

Greetings fellow Warhammer 40K Fans! So I was looking at the Cadain Shock Troopers page when I saw under the additional gear list something to the effect of 2 clips of autopistol ammo.

So they question lay in Wiki Proper structuring... are we verbatim Copying WH40K print, even with the error of terms?

to save you from looking up the terms (dont worry, when i was a younger man i did not know my self) A Clip is a metal length that holds rounds in place, a Magazine is a container to feed rounds into a weapon.

Below are links to Wikipedia ICO my barbaric text, lack of proper english, and blunt terminology just does not convey the information correctly.

Hope this bring intellectual clarity to my question. Thank you all!

WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw (talk) 05:55, September 27, 2014 (UTC)

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