• Ynot0207
        • SPOILER ALERT***

    Why would Anthony Reynolds think it necessary to SPOIL the ending to an entire ingenious series started by Dan Abnett? In 2007 Reynolds wrote Dark Apostle and mentions a failed attack on the Emperor's Palace by Erebus (now Warmonger) and his traitor primarchs. Also, I learn that Horus is mortally wounded while the Emperor is now ruling as Corpse Emperor.

    However, as of 2008's Legion (Dan Abnett - book #7) and Battle For The Abyss (Ben Counter - book #8), the traitors are yet to reach Terra!!!!!!!!!

    This is most annoying. If anyone knows of any books OUTSIDE the Horus Heresy Series which detail the failed attack on Terra, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance, Tony

    ps - Damn Anthony Reynolds!

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  • Ynot0207


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