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  • Ziebro

    Watchers in the Shadows?

    February 27, 2013 by Ziebro

    Is there any information on the beings called "The Watchers in the Dark", from the book Descent of Angels?

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  • Ziebro

    Because every chapter is only allowed to have 1,000 marines, could you make it so that all of the vehicle pilots be normal humans, so that way you free up more marines for infantry roles?

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  • Ziebro

    Both of them are armies of mindless drones, but who has what advantage and who has what disadvantage? Who would be more likely to win, the Necrons or Tyranids?

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  • Ziebro

    I'm fairly new to making portals and pages for wikis, but could we make portals for Space Marine and DoW in style similar to that of the Fallout wiki? It could make it so that people would only have to go to one wiki for everything Warhammer 40k related. And all we would have to is take the information from the Space Marine, DoW, and Relic Player's guide wikis and put it on here. I've only made one article before, and that was on the Red Dead wiki, but how hard could doing this really be?

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