This is the list of all my current work in progress.

Space Marines Chapters articles

  • Angels Eradicant - From Chris Dow's collection of short stories about Khârn the Betrayer - The Red Path. - DONE
  • Exorcists (To be Added). From a short story Within These Walls by C. Z. Dunn.
  • Jade Dragons (To be Added). From The Black Leviathan, by Ben Coumter. A novella from Damocles (Anthology).
  • Mortifactors (To be Added). From a short story Deathwatch: Swordwind, by Ian St. Martin. And from the Warriors of Ultramar, novel by Graham McNeill.
  • Relictors (To be Added). From a novel Angron's Monolith, And from a short story Sanctus.
  • Scar Lords (To be Added). From a novel Farsight: Crisis of Faith by Phil Kelley.
  • Scythes of the Emperor (To be Added). From a novel Slaughter at the Giant's Coffin by Laurie Goulding.
  • Silver Skulls (To be Added). From a short stories like: Primary Instinct, 'Action and ConsequenceCause and EffectThe Pact by Sarah Cawkwell. Also from novel Silver Skulls: Portents by Sarah Cawkwell.

Chaos Space Marines Warbands Articles

  • Blood Disciples (To be Added). From a novella Lemartes: Guardian of the Lost by David Annandale.
  • Bloodlords (To be Added). From a short story Cold Blood by David Guymer
  • Broken, The (To be Added). From a novel Calgar's Fury by Paul Kearny
  • Oracles of Change (To be Added). From a novel Silver Skulls: Portents by Sarah Cawkwell.


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