Vaxhallian Genocide
Star of Chaos
Attacker The Purge Chaos Warband
Defender Vaxhallian Planetary Defence Force, Imperial Guard Regiments
Attacking Commander Unknown
Defending Commander Unknown
Date 926.M41
Scale Planetary Scale
Theatre Unknown
Strength (attackers) Unknown
Strength (defenders) Unknown
Casualties (attackers) Unknown
Casualties (defenders) 14 Billion Imperial Citizens
Status Unknown
Outcome Planet riddled with plague, resulting in the death of the majority of its population

The Vaxhallian Genocide was a notorious campaign conducted by the Forces of Chaos in 926.M41 upon the Imperial world of Vaxhallia. The vile Chaos warband known as The Purge sought to vent their hatred of all living things upon the unsuspecting verdant planet as their victim. The planet's surface was soon riddled with consumptive disease and crippling famine. Over the course of a single month, the Purge engineered the destruction of no fewer than 14 billion Imperial citizens.


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