Lord Militant Vichres was one of the senior Imperial commanders that served under Warmaster Slaydo during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Vichres died in 760.M41 on the world of Cociaminus during the Sabre Bridge Incident when he and 47 of his men were ambushed by enemy armour.


Lord Militant Vichres

Lord Militant Vichres

Lord Militant Vichres was one of the most senior Imperial officers to die during Operation Newfound, the opening campaign of the Crusade to liberate the entire Newfound Trailing Group within the Sabbat Worlds Sector. Vichres was a long-time friend and stalwart supporter of the Warmaster Slaydo. In 760.M41, during the Imperial assault on the world of Cociaminus, Vichres was sent to depose General Forgues whose behaviour had become increasingly erratic. It was later rumoured that he was actually replaced following a heated argument with the Warmaster. Not an especially gifted tactical commander, contemporaries described Vichres as solid and reliable. It was known that the Lord Militant had a particular talent for leadership and was often found at the front line dealing with his subordinate officers first hand and mixing with the regular line soldiers as the opportunity permitted.

Vichres' visible leadership made him a popular figure amongst his troops, but may have been a contributing factor to his demise later that year on Cociaminus. Advancing to a forward position to coordinate troop dispositions, Vichres was given flawed intelligence reports suggesting that the highway at Sabre Bridge was clear for safe passage. In what came to be regarded as the "Sabre Bridge Incident," 47 men in his retinue, including Vichres himself, were killed in an enemy armour ambush. This source of erroneous intelligence was never firmly established, though it is highly suspected that is was a devious trick orchestrated by the Forces of Chaos. Vichres was later buried with full military honours at the Imperial Temple at Harshen, though his tomb was later most disgracefully defiled and robbed by the Chaotic forces in 766.M41.


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