Volonx is a Feral World located in the Calixis Sector. A large population of nomadic tribes prevents any stable settlements from growing, and has stunted any serious societal development. 

Departmento Cartographicae Planetary Database Edit

  • Class: Feral World
  • Native Flora and Fauna:
    • Volonx Sand Shark – The Volonx Sand Shark is a reptile-like predator that hunts in the desert areas of the planet.
    • Skem Plant - The Skem Planet is a virulently poisonous plant which can cause anaphylactic shock unless an antidote is administered. 
  • Principal Exports:
    • Volonx Skem Net - Made from strips of plant stem from the poisonous skem plant,a typical Volonx Skem Net is usually about six metres square. The stem of a Skem Plant is notoriously hardy and so the net can actually be packed up to about the size of a man’s balled fist. On Volonx, hunters usually launch the net with the aid of an arrow. The net is coated in Skem poison which causes anaphylactic shock.
    • Volonx Bone Bolas - Bolas usually consists of two or three stone or metal weights joined together by cords. When thrown they entangle prey, preventing it from escaping. The Volonx version of this weapon works on a similar principal, however the weights are made from bone and are embedded with Sand Shark teeth that make them far more deadly than a traditional bolas. Some nomad tribes have also be known to coat the cords in a poison made from Skem Plant stem.
    • Volonx Bang-a-rangs - A thrown weapon with a surprisingly long range, Bang-a-rangs are made from a light piece of wood with a forty-five degree bend in about a third along its length. A fearsome piece of sharpened bone juts out from each end. When thrown, the weapon flies in a wide circular arc and will return to the owner if it does not strike a target. Recent innovations have seen the addition of plastic explosive packets to these weapons. It is unknown where the tribes of Volonx are getting such advanced munitions, but it is believed to be an off-world source. When armed with the explosives, Bang-a-rangs can either drop off their ‘payload’ before returning to their owner, or hit the target before exploding. 
    • Volonx Sabre Dagger - Sabre Daggers are all individually made, but in general, they are very long, almost comparable to a shortsword in length, and consist of Sand Shark teeth bound to a spine of thick hollow wood. The daggers are exceptionally sharp, and their serrated edge means that they can also grip into the flesh, making them a particularly nasty weapon. 

Source Edit

  • Guide to the Calixis Sector (PDF)

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