Voss Prime (not to be confused with the similarly named planet Voss) is an Imperial Forge World of the Adeptus Mechanicus that is located in the Segmentum Solar of the Milky Way Galaxy. Voss Prime is the closest Forge World to the Hive World of Armageddon, and supplies that strategic planet of the Segmentum Solar with much of their war-machines and war materiel. Voss Prime is also home to the Legio Invigilata, a Loyalist Titan Legion, that is also known as the "Emperor's Guard."


Voss Prime produces everything from Imperial Guard infantry weapons to Imperial Navy aircraft and the mighty Battle Titans of the Collegia Titanica. It is known that Voss Prime is a Production Grade II-Extremis Forge World with a Tithe Grade of Aptus Non, meaning it pays no tithe to the Administratum, as its industrial output is considered of potent strategic value for the Imperium in and of itself.

The forges of Voss Prime are some of the mightiest in the Imperium, and Voss Pattern weapons and vehicles are found on many worlds and in many armies. Voss Prime is known to have its own patterns of Missile Launcher Pods, Rocket Launcher Pods and Autocannons which are commonly found on Imperial Navy aircraft such as the Vulture. This Forge World is also known to make its own patterns of Autopistols, such as the Mark 10 and the Mark 11. The forge-cities of Voss Prime also produce their own pattern of Hunter-Killer Missile Launchers, many of which are found on Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, and Adeptus Astartes vehicles. Much like many other Forge Worlds in the Imperium, Voss Prime's Magi lack a a detailed understanding of plasma technology, and much to the dismay of the planet's Forge Masters many say that manufactora of Voss Prime display less skill in replicating items dependant upon plasma technology than many other Forge Worlds of its same size and importance.


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