The Warhammer 40k Wiki s dedicated to providing professional-grade quality information and holds its editors to the highest possible standards of professionalism and quality. As such, certain types of content are not allowed on the Warhammer 40k Wiki and will be removed immediately by Administrators.

No Game Rules

Due to copyright violation rules and the potential for legal action by Games Workshop Limited and Fantasy Flight Games, tabletop wargame and role-playing game rules and other game mechanical information and statistics are not to be included in the Warhammer 40k Wiki. All articles should primarily be based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe's mythology and official canon, what fans sometimes colloquially refer to as the "fluff" of the setting rather than its game mechanical "crunch."

Fan-Made Content

This wiki deals with official Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games material published in official tabletop wargaming and role-playing game supplements, sourcebooks, codexes, background books, novels and video games. Fan-made Space Marine Chapters, xenos, characters, concepts, equipment and campaigns are not covered by this wiki and such material will be removed immediately and without notice by the wiki's Administrators when found. This includes fan-made art, which while acceptable for a brief time in the past, will no longer be used, save in certain very unique cases where it is judged to be of unusual quality by an Administrator. While new fan-made art will thus generally not be used, older pieces may remain on the wiki as exceptions to this rule because they were placed on our pages before the policy changed. Another Wiki specifically created for the public display of fan materials has been set up here: Warhammer 40K Fanon Wiki.

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