Now we'll copy the wikipedia article Kaela Mensha Khaine as an example of how the process works.

Create the article on The Warhammer 40,000 WikiEdit

First we try to create the article.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 1-Try to create

However, an article with that name already exists! And so we're given the following error message.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 2-Try to create ERROR

That's alright though, because we can edit this article by clicking the Edit tab. This will bring up a page that looks like this.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 3-Try to create Edit window

Now you need to open the Wikipedia Article.

Open the Wikipedia articleEdit

Open the Wikipedia main page, and go to the search box in the left hand column. Enter the name of the article and click Go.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 4-Open Wikipedia Page

Now click Edit This Page in the upper corner.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 5-Open Wikipedia Page and edit

This will bring up a text edit box, select all of the text in it (ctrl+a) and copy it to your computer's clipboard (ctrl+c).

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 6-Open Wikipedia Page Copy

Copy the contentsEdit

Go back to the Warhammer 40,000 Wiki article you started editing, and paste (ctrl+v) in the contents from Wikipedia. In this case there is already the start of an article, so I've pasted the Wikipedia text at the bottom. It will take a bit of editing to make the two articles into one.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 7-Copying the Contents

Add the From Wikipedia template to the bottomEdit

Now the most important part of the process, satisfying the conditions of the GFDL. To do so, start by copying the following template to the bottom of the article on The Warhammer 40,000 Wiki.

{{From Wikipedia
|Wikipedia Article Title
|Author 1
|Author 2
|Author 3
|Author 4
|Author 5
|Author 6
|Author 7
|Author 8
|Author 9
|Author 10

The article will now look like this.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 8-Satisfying the GFDL

You'll now need the name of the original Wikipedia article (in this case Kaela Mensha Khaine, and the authors of that article. To find the authors, use the Wikipedia Page History Tool. Enter the name of the article in the box and click SEARCH.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 9-Satisfying the GFDL authors 1

This will show a page as follows, listing the primary authors (the column starting with DarthBinky).

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 10-Satisfying the GFDL authors 2

Now copy the first five authors (in this case DarthBinky through SanchiTachi) from the list into the template, as well as the name of the article on Wikipedia. You may include more then five authors (up to ten), and if there are fewer than five, you need only include the actual number of authors. The page will now look like this.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 11-Satisfying the GFDL Template 2

Now remove the extra Author rows, and the extra spaces in the template so that it is only one line. This is to make the template display correctly. It will now look like this.

Copying From Wikipedia-Step 12-Satisfying the GFDL Template 3

Now click save... And you're done! The final version of the article copied in this example can be seen here.