A Kroot Warsphere

The Warsphere is a powerful Kroot starship, the last vestige of the ancient power and advancement of the Kroot civilisation prior to its move away from advanced technology. A Warsphere is effectively a flying town comprising a central section primarily housing the main Warp-Engine and outer sections with manoeuvring thrusters. While the Warsphere's drives and thrusters are very reliable, they also possess poor power output. This means that Warspheres are extremely slow when moving through realspace, though they are sufficiently powerful to enable planetary landings, an unusual feature for a voidship this large. Once on the surface of a world, the thrusters are often fired once more to bury the Warsphere, presumably to enable it to revert to its role as a traditional Kroot town. Warspheres are fairly rare and so will only be deployed in the case that the Kroot are getting a substantial payment or bonus from their employer, whether this be their traditional allies the Tau or another employer who has contracted for their mercenary services.

To travel at faster-than-light speeds across interstellar distances, the Kroot make use of Warp-Drives, unlike the Tau who have not mastered the technology, though how Kroot Warp-Drives function remain a mystery to the Tau, since the Kroot have no Navigators to make passage through the Empyrean safe and reliable. Instead, the Kroot appear to have a natural affinity for navigating towards inhabitable planets, almost as if they were possessed of a sixth sense, though they are not known to be a psychic species.


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