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An Eldar Wraithseer of Craftworld Mymeara and its Wraithspear (left)

A Wraithspear is a rare close combat weapon that is a variant of the more common Wraithsword used by the massive war engines known as Eldar Wraithlords. A Wraithspear is only wielded by the equally rare variant of the Wraithlord known as the Wraithseer. A Wraithspear is an arcane form of the Wraithblade that takes the appearance of a huge staff topped with a massive spearblade surrounded by a Power Field. Its shaft is studded with Spirit Stones that amplify the Wraithseer's already impressive abilities in close combat. This is because the Eldar spirits embedded within the gems are a sentience unto themselves that guide the Wraithseer's blows and compensate for the construct's vision-obscuring Wraithsight. Thus, a Wraithseer is able to cleave apart multiple enemies with alarming grace and skill with each swing of its Wraithspear. A Wraithspear is also designed to be used to greater effectiveness against vehicles than a Wraithsword, and many an enemy tank has been destroyed with a single devastating thrust.


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